Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lyrics Remix: Beaten Up Chucks

Beaten up Chucks
on a downtown street
Niggas don't play
'Cause I got my own beat
footsteps around me
cover my flow
I've got my girls
you don't even know
what to do
when I'm comin' 'round
what should I call
this brand new sound?
fightin off niggas
like it's goin outta style
this white boy don't play
I'm like the 8 mile
Real talk though
I ain't no one to fuck wit
so you better not
even think of tryin' to truck this
I maybe can't ball
but I lay down the rhymes, yea
I may not be black
so catch up with the times, yea
All these stupid rappers
all of them can suck me
'cause all I really need
are my beaten up chucks, see
and now you've heard me spit
so just try and touch me.

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