Saturday, May 1, 2010

The World We Know (A Rap/Rock Song)

People dyin every day
another life another say
I never knew it was today
that she was gonna be
traded by fiends
for heroin and other things
and as they snort their coke
they'll hear him sing

Everything you do
They don't know
They don't know that it's the truth
These sheeple follow you
and you tell them
and you tell them what you want them to think
what you want them to do

It's the world we know

(verse 2)
And the world we see
Fighting's become
a way to be
because some people
aren't free
from corruption and hate
and then her pupils dialate
because the guys
can't get a date
and so they chose
to date and rape
as if there was
no other way
but then they'll hear him say


I fight because I care
about the people unaware
of the rights that we all share
to life and love and all that shit
if people knew they'd have a fit
because they live in cells unlit
and as they rot for crimes undone
they know those motherfuckers won
and that this fucked up system grows
and that's why I use my flow
to tell you we can fight
against the world we know.

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