Monday, August 2, 2010

Becoming Who You Are

Is it too much to ask
to go into my past
and take apart the things
that made me
who I am?

I once told a friend of mine
it's better to live than die
and now I'm standing on the edge
of life and
what's beyond...

I need to know
what's past here
whether it's
something I should fear
or if it's something
I have known
all along.

And if it's God
that I must face
I will not be one to pray
for forgiveness because
I believe
in what I've done.

My time has come and past
and let me tell you: make it last
Now I know for sure that you should
live with no

When you are where I am
I should hope you'll
take a stand
against what your told
and what you
really know.

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