Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Bullets ricoche
in empty hallowed halls
no one hears
when the poor girl calls
to god
there was no one and nothing
beckoning to her
she had no hope left to refer
to her weary heart
and her mind
she was all too kind
to those who betrayed her
Again, she prayed
to the one who segregtaes her
from society
when no one answered
while she was on her knees
it was far too easy to plead
for her life
but she wasn't the knife
in her ribs
she had things to live for
and although she was sore
from the beatings
she stood
with no help from Jah
or golly or gosh
her feet slosh
in pools of rain
and tears
and her thoughts sear her head
god wanted her dead
but she refused
and said
"I'm no one's puppet."

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