Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shoot 'em and Loot 'em

I am a human fucking being
and the nonsense I'm seeing
is driving me beserk
I'm on high alert
because the system is crashing
looks like people are dashing
for the exit route
and I can't even shout
'cause no one would hear me
over the TV
that's blaring
faring well
trying to sell
us an infomercial
about a commercial
about the government
hidden in an oven mitt
and suddenly
it is hitting me
so abruptly
yet subtly
Billy Mayes
pushing voting
and drugs
popping slugs
for the U.S. of A.
they do that don't they?
It's a hole in the system
because they're muslim
not christian
so it's okay
lock and load
shoot 'em and loot 'em.

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