Monday, May 11, 2009

My Justifications for Good and Evil

What do you want from me?
I have my justifications
for my many relations
with my environment
and my various allignments
with good and evil
no, I'm not perfect
not even close
I have my lighter
and a pack of smokes

and you yell
and you criticize
when you can't summarize
my demise
and surprise
when I realized
that all this time
my miracle cure
costs six bucks
and a dime

You don't know
what you think you know
because I don't show
everything that is
hidden below
the surface

and yea
you never asked
"Is it hard
to live with yourself
with all of those scars?"
and it is.
no, I'm not pure
but this is my cure
but don't yell at me
until your cause is sure.
the story behind this one is that one of my best friends, Kim, has been really upset with me lately because she thinks I've been smoking more recently than I have in the past. I'm 17 and have been smoking for a year, and I feel like I (and many smokers) get criticized for smoking when she, and anyone else who bothers me about it, doesn't know anything about what I'm trying to hide behind the smoke...

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Anonymous said...

sorry if it's creepy I comment on here.
I just happened to update my blogger.

I don't smoke, and I don't really approve of the activity. But I as well have my vice. I'm not about to post it all over blogger. But in short, I understand how you feel. And feel free to rant to me. And yes, I'll tell you my vice if you're dying to know.

I can understand the hiding behind something.