Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No More

How many of you
have a problem with where this country is going?
What it's doing?
Don't raise your hands now
it won't make a difference.
You know what you should do
instead of shouting "Yea!"
or anything else.
Go out and fight.
And I don't mean with your fists
or guns
or bats
or knives.
I mean with your heads.
Hit them where it hurts most.
Make others see them
as the villains they are.
How do you do that?
Well, think about it.
When was the closest
this country has ever come
to a revolution?
The 1970's.
They fought
not with weapons
but with peace.
And when others saw the riot police
beating teenagers down
who were armed with nothing but flowers
people understood what this country had come to.
Unfortunately, the New Deal stopped that.
But now we need to do it again.
I'm tired of hearing people complain
and complain
about what's wrong with our government
and society
but they don't suggest any radical changes.
yes, radical changes.
Because that's what this country needs.
Radical change.
We can no longer rely on the old theory of
"use the system to fight the system"
because the system is fixed, and not in our favor.
You know how we need to fight?
We gather.
Because we have the numbers.
And we all stop fueling
THEIR terror
THEIR weapons
THEIR war.
That's right.
I'm saying that we
ALL stop paying taxes
and we ALL stand in the street
and see what they do.
What can they do?
They can't arrest ALL of us!
They can't kill ALL of us!
We are the people
and WE have the power,
something those bureaucratic
assholes seem to have forgotten.
so I say
I say we remind them.
Remind them what this once
great nation was founded on.
Not fear and government power
that's fascism
it was founded on Justice
on Liberty
and that's what we need
that's what we must fight for.
We can't cower in fear any longer.
You say you go to protests?
good for you.
They AUTHORIZE those protests!
protest work?
You're telling me we have to ASK them
if it's okay to object to what they're doing?!
I say we go out there and protest
and not give a damn what they have to say about it.
and if they arrest us all, fine
but soon they will realize,
that there's too many of us to control
and we will, once again, have the power.
what we do then?
well, that's not my decision to make.
this country was founded on Democracy
and it will be, not just mine, but all of our decisions to make.
Long Live Freedom!

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