Monday, November 22, 2010

The Testament Pt. II

I am 18
going on 19
going on to the rest of my life

and they say that you need college
to keep from being a failure

they say you need college
to succeed in this country.

they say you need college
to be anything in this world.

they're wrong.
the government is wrong.
my old school is wrong.
my parents are wrong.

No, I am not going to college
and I am not a fucking failure.
I am not a loser
and above all else
I am not a statistic.

I am a living human being
who is going to make a difference
in this world.

I am going to fight to become
whatever it is I want to become
and nothing
not even a lack of a college degree
is going to stop me.

This is a testament
this is my testament
stating that anyone who wants
to be something they aren't yet
has all the time in the world to become that
stating that no matter who you are
or what you have done
it's never too late
to be someone else
to become something great

So, yea.
I do see the difference
between not having gone to college
or not having a job and being a good person
someone who helps others
and changes lives for the better
having gone to college
or having a job and being
a complete and utter douche bag...
a waste of human life...
a detriment to society...

this goes out to everyone
who wants to give up.
Everyone who,
much like me a month or so ago,
thinks they'll never be able
to do something worth while
with their lives.
this goes out to those people.
and this is me saying
yes you can.

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