Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm Not Gonna Lose You (I love you Aunt Kim)

Don't say you're sorry
I don't want to hear it
Don't say you're sorry
I just want you to fix it
Tripping over feelings
coming out my eyes
can't believe what I'm seeing
how can I sympathize?
You're running in corners
and can't dig your way out
You can't fly away
or just run a new route
you're selfish and dumb
and don't know what you're doing
because if you did
you'd know what you're losing
everyone who cares
and everyone who knows
what a good person you are
so stop it and show us
we all make mistakes
so it's time that you fix them
we all get in fights
and we know what ticks them
off, but it's okay
as long as you repair
those feelings of love
those feelings you share
so you fell of your horse
and you could just stay down
or you'll get up
and prove them all wrong
so brush off the dirt
and pull up your boots
'cause I'm not gonna lose you
to men in black suits.
I love you Aunt Kim.

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